Sunday Service

Services are in person or via livestream. 

When: Sunday Mornings 10:30am

Where: 53 West Aarsby Road Cochrane Alberta (Click here for map)

Worshipping Together:
At KGC, we value freedom and whole-hearted biblical worship, so you will see different expressions of worship in our services.  We worship by raising our hands and clapping, by dancing and waving flags, kneeling and laying prostrate before the Lord,  We sing, shout and give other loud praises to our God.  You may see and hear praying in tongues and prophesying.  During our worship, we spend time singing our own personal spontaneous songs to God—we call this "singing in the Spirit.”  During these times you might see people singing in tongues, or simply singing praises to God from their own hearts.  Worship leaders may start to sing spontaneous songs from their hearts to God; we call these "songs of the Lord".  Unlike the rest of worship where the words for the songs being sung are shown on the screen,  during these times there will be no words shown on the screen since these are songs from the heart and not preplanned.  Sometimes the congregation will begin to sing along with the worship leader as the Holy Spirit leads.  We encourage everyone—from old to young—to worship God freely with your whole heart.

Preaching the Word of God:
Our preaching is centred around the Bible (the Word of God) and we encourage the congregation to test what is preached for themselves by being those who study God's Word.  We have prayer time at the end of each service where those who want prayer or have a need are ministered to by our prayer teams.  We receive tithes and offerings (financial gifts) each  service.  We believe tithing is a biblical principal and an act of our worship that opens up God’s blessing over us.  Therefore, we make it a part of our weekly worship service.

Family Atmosphere:
We are a family and we want everyone to feel welcome in this house.  Nursery and Sunday School are available during the Preaching for ages 0-12.  There is a room overlooking the Sanctuary that is available for children (parent supervision required) during the Worship Time if needed.  We have coffee available in the foyer before and after service (water only in the Sanctuary please).  After-service coffee is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another!  

We hope that you will come and join with us and experience what God is doing at King's Gate Church!