What is SOZO?                                    

Sozo means saved, healed, and delivered. It is found over 100 times in the Bible. Let’s use an analogy to describe the goal of Sozo.  Imagine that you live your life looking at God through a pane of glass. You are on one side, and He is on the other.  The glass represents your life, your relationship with the Lord.
Like any well used glass there are nicks and scratches, smudges. The heat of tough seasons may have caused warping to the glass. When you look through the glass, you are no longer able to see a clear image of the Lord. Life and situations have created a distorted vision of who He is. Likewise, when you look at your own reflection, it doesn’t portray your true identity. Your self-perception is also smudgy and distorted. The goal of Sozo is to clean the glass in order that you have a clear, unmarred vision of yourself and how God sees you. You are able to see Father God as he truly looks when the glass is clean and clear.
God is good and always working towards our complete wholeness, healing and freedom. Encountering God’s love breaks demonic strongholds and unleashes transformation. This is what cleans the glass.
King's Gate Church offers Sozo sessions to our congregation and to our region. Sozo sessions must be booked in advance and take about 1-2 hours. Sessions are held at the church and are faciliated by a team of two trained Sozo ministers. 

Our sozo ministry leader is Karen Moran.
Karen trained under Sozo Canada with Susan Rashotte in Fall 2020 utilizing curriculum from International Bethel Sozo Ministry. She was an integral part of launching the Sozo Ministry at Kings Gate Church.
Karen has been attending KGC for the past 20 years, the birthplace of her walk with Christ. Karen has walked a great journey of faith and continues to set her eyes upon Jesus face everyday.

"Sozo to me is a beautiful inner healing ministry where people can fully experience Holy Spirit and find freedom. My desire is for more people to have greater victory over fear, be healed of diseases, delivered from spiritual strongholds, and experience connection with the Godhead." Karen Moran


  •  “I got to discover and give to God a lot more hurt than I thought I had. I feel more hope. Thanks for taking time with me and my heart.”
  •  “Very releasing and refreshing. Full of life and hope for my future”
  •  “It was amazing! Definitely recommend for others.”
  •  “ Thank you for being conduits of God’s love and bringing release, freedom, and hope”
  •  “ I have vision for my future”
  •  “New step of freedom and understanding. I love the pictures of love God have me.”
  •  “Beautiful, gentle, peaceful, and powerful”
  •  “Received healing from fear. Embracing my blessings in my heritage”
  • “I felt so safe and free to share. God is so awesome!! I appreciated the stewarding of Holy Spirit and the release of His love towards me”
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