Parking at King's Gate Church
Welcome visitors!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  King's Gate Church's parking lot is generally open for public parking Monday-Saturday 7:00am-6:00pm.  While the public is able to park outside of these hours, we cannot guarantee that vehicles (not attending church activities) outside of these hours will not be towed.  From time to time the parking lot will be closed to the general public during the regular public parking hours.  We only close the parking lot for church events, parking lot bookings, and general maintenance or large scale snow removal.

We ask those who park on our lot regularly to register your vehicle with the office.  Those who register their vehicles will receive an email warning when the lot will be closed.  This also gives the office staff the ability to contact owners if they have accidently parked when the lot is closed or if an emergency arises.  This will help eliminate the chance that your vehicle will be towed.


Disclaimer:  King's Gate Church does not guarantee your vehicle is safe on our lot.  Those who park their vehicle on our lot do so at their own risk.  We are not responsible for damage, theft, or any other negative impact to your vehicle.  If your vehicle is towed, it will be towed at the owners expense.  Any vehicle left parked on the lot for more than 24 hours will be reported to the RCMP as abandoned.