New Comers Course

We offer a new comers course every 6 - 12 months depending on the need.  Our next course will be on October 11 @ 7:00pm.  If you would like to sign-up for this course you can easily do so by either using the sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board in the church foyer, or you can sign-up online by clicking here.

In our new comers course we will dicuss who is King's Gate Church and what is our vision, what do we believe and teach, and how did KGC come into being.  We will also outline some of our operating guidelines, memebership, how to become involved in ministry, and how we operate and outline our governmental structure.  During this meeting we will take and answer questions and have a time for snacks and fellowship.  Please note that if you wish to become a member of KGC this course is manditory.