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Charles Steward
1948 - 2020

Charles Steward, the gentleman who led our founder Robert Butler to the Lord, passed into glory in the late hours of November 17, 2020.  We honour Charles because without his faithfulness to God our church, King's Gate Church would not exist today.  While Charles may not be personally known by everyone at KGC, he is none the less a foundational person for this house and we celebrate his life and thank God for him.  Charles has been not just a friend and support to Pastor Robert and Angela, he has also been a friend and a supporter of this house.  Charles faithfully listened to our online messages and often sent emails, letters and made phone calls to support Pastor's Robert, Angela, Matthew and Gillian.  He even sent a loonie to Pastor Matthew to join in with us in our loonie campaign in 2019.  Even though Charles lived in England, he visited this church on several occasions.  He preached and taught in our pulpit.  He created friendships with many of the people here at KGC.  He was present and involved at one of our most celebrated moments, the grand opening of our church building (see pictures).

Charles was one of our long-distance members. His contributions to this house will not be forgotten and his prayers and support will be greatly missed.  We at KGC pray for strength for his family, his wife Mary and his sons, Chris, Robert, and Thomas, and their families as they grieve the passing and celebrate the life of their husband, father, and grandfather.

Thank you God for the life of Charles Steward and for the impact he had on our church, and in turn the town of Cochrane, the province of Alberta, and the nation of Canada.

This is what heros and giants in the faith look like!

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We believe that our God is a miracle and wonder working God.  It is our duty as God's children to pray for the needs of others and to beseech God to work on their behalf.  We are a family, and families look after one another.  As you enter into prayer, please remember to pray for the needs of your family & their friends.

Healing Needed
  • Vicki Elliott
  • Lorraine Bridgen - Pastor Robert's sister & Vicki's mom
  • Genevieve Chartrand
  • Karen Moran
  • Callum - Wilson's cousin
  • Nola Sinanan - Canada 24/7 Burn Leader
  • Terry Howe
  • Wayne - Tammy's Dad